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Bijou Bakery is open on Saturdays and Sundays at the Cass House in Cayucos. We are available for  special orders Wednesday- Sunday and for special events.

Please allow 48 hours for pre-orders.

a Central Coast gem

bi·​jou |  ˈbē-ˌzhü | bēˈZHo͞o 


n. a small precious jewel/ a dainty piece of delicate workmanship

adj. small and elegant

Cass House Bakery 2 by Courtney Perkins.

à propos

Jeniece Grimshaw, owner and operator of Bijou Bakery, is a classically trained pastry chef with a Californian approach fused with French technique.

Before opening Bijou, she loved working as the Bakery Director at the Cass House Cayucos Bakery, and the Pastry Chef for the Cliffs Hotel in Shell Beach.

Jeniece specializes in creating delicate pastries and intricate cakes. She appreciates simple, fresh ingredients and unique flavor combinations.

She is so happy to have found her Central Coast gem in Cayucos, CA.

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Saturday & Sunday:

Store front open 7am-1pm 

Pre-order pickup available

(48 hour notice for orders)

Wednesday - Friday:

Store front closed

Pre-order pick up available 8am-2pm

(48 hour notice for orders)

Mon & Tue:


222 North Ocean Ave.

Cayucos, CA 93430

Bijou Bakery faces Cayucos Dr. across from the gas station & deli

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